Our outfit logo
Our outfit logo

Catharsis - New conglomerate outfit on Cobalt

We once formed from several bigger outfits into this one, because we wanted to play more as a team and wanted to stay active and do much more competitive things like ServerSmashes, LaneSmashes and Scrims. We got a lot of friendly outfits which we regularly doing operations with.

By the way: our main spoken language is ENGLISH because we are an international outfit with members from many different countries.

Upcoming events

Be careful, because of the weak Steam API it may not every event be listed.

Seems like there is no event scheduled at the moment!


    More rules will be added, and rules might change. Please have a look at the steam group page to be up to date.

    No open platoons

    Open platoons in the name of Cartharsis are only allowed to be lead or organised if you got permission from an officer or outfit leader.
    If you do this with out permission you will be kicked from the outfit and won´t be accepted anymore!
    (Note: you are allowed to lead open platoons as long as they are not named Catharsis, CATH etc. and are not showing the CATH tag in recruitment.)


    Due to keep us active, we're going to kick members that have not played for a long time (longer than a month) out of thein-game outfit. They will, however, stay in the outfit itself, and will always be re-invited when they are back.
    Work in progress on this rule!

    About recruitment

    • We accept players from every battlerank as long as they are active and show that they want to improve.
    • When a player wants to join, he has to play a few events with us to see if he is compatible with our playstyle.
    • If you are not active in the "trial - period" you won´t be invited to the outfit!
    • Outfit ranks

      • Recruit: A new member to the outfit.
      • Member: A member proven to be active in the outfit.
      • Senior Member: A member that has been in the outfit for a long time.
      • Officer: A leader that help manage the outfit and run events.
      • Outfit Leader: A leader that represents the outfit and manage the outfit and run events.

    So you want to join us?

    There are a few things to know:

    • You need teamspeak (mic is good - but not necessary)
    • You need access to the steam forums
    • Beginners are welcome - as long as you are active on TS and the game
    • Your application must not necessarily make you a member
    • Take a closer look on our outfit and what we do BEFORE getting in touch!
    Follow this link if you want to sign up: SIGN UP

    Get in touch with us

    If you have steam, feel free to get in touch with us on our steamgroup: Catharsis NC on steam.
    Feel free to contact Creativehammer, Sixx, thenotlol or PLSGetBetter.

    What we do

    We are taking part in the below listed competitive events 2017 - all members can decide if and what they take part in. Mostly these matches are hold on Jaeger, which is a special server with special accounts.
    You will find the signups as member on our steamgroup forums.


    In this event we are part of a few platoons which is made from outfits and players on Cobalt against equal platoons from another server (like Miller, Emerald and so on).


    Each team will start from a homebase, the base in the center of the lane is neutral. The team conquering the most enemy territory in two rounds wins.


    This is the fastest gameplay. Only infantry allowed at one base. The capture point is neutral - the team holding it longest wins.

    Coop - Operations

    These operations are done with friendly outfits, we play together in two or more squads on the live server.

    A closer look on our outfit!